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Dee T. (aka Dawn), Vancouver, BC
"Dominic has been a great teacher. I have been taking lessons with him for about six months. His range of dances is excellent and his teaching style is great - he pushes when necessary and lays back when he sees that I need to take things easier. if you're looking for someone to teach you a wedding dance, improve your social dancing skills, do a show - Dominic is your man. Dominic's range of dances is also impressive. I've taken International and American style ballroom with him. I've learned salsa, blues, and even seen him to hip-hop." I've taken group lessons and private lessons, but this is the most supportive learning environment that I've encountered."
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Jane R. North, Vancouver
"Dominic is an absolute miracle worker, in my opinion. Two months ago, I went to see him and said, Dominic, I'm almost 65 years old and I'm so tired of not being able to dance. I'm tired of having zero self-confidence when it comes to dancing, and being afraid even to try to dance in public. I'm tired of being at a wedding or a party, and having to hide out in the washroom when the music starts. I want so much to be able to dance, like other people. (It was really pathetic.) Dominic nodded calmly, and proceeded to teach me the basics of the box step. He was clear, kind, supportive, easy to follow, fun, flexible - a brilliant teacher. Well, it's now two months later. I can dance a decent waltz, foxtrot, rumba, cha cha, hustle, west coast swing and two step. I have learned to follow - probably the most important skill of all. I have confidence. And I have discovered a source of joy that I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined: dancing! I can dance! Dominic has had a huge and positive impact on my life, and I'm so grateful to him. If you want to learn to dance, and if you're as shy and insecure as I was, let him turn you into a dancer, too!"
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Mel. C, Vancouver, BC
"Dominic Boyer is a great dance instructor! My fiancé and I had come to Dominic for private lessons to learn to dance for our wedding. We had never danced before and were really terrible. He was extremely patient with us while we learned the basics of rumba and completely choreographed our first dance from scratch. He challenged our skills and made sure that the dance displayed our personalities.  He also helped us get the confidence we needed to pull it off which absolutely blew all of our guests away.  He was flexible to make the lessons work with our busy schedules and made us feel very comfortable. Not only that, he inspired a love of dance within us. We couldn't have done it without him. Thanks Dominic!"
Wedding first dance lessons with www.dboyerdance.ca
Ashley R. Vancouver BC
"Dominic was an amazing teacher!!! I strongly recommend everyone to go with Dom. Dom taught me and my fiance John the basics moves, we then went on and Dom taught us some more steps that we could of never learnt on our own. He created our wedding "first dance". We are so happy that we went with him. Dom is very kind, patient and a great leader. Doms a great dancer with lots of experience. We want to thank you Dom for everything! It was super fun! We will be back !!! Ash and Johnny:))"
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Anna surrey, BC
"Dominic is a knowledgeable, patient and intuitive teacher. He seems to gracefully balance the art of challenging and encouraging his student with his down to earth approach. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to dance in a supportive and fun filled environment. Two thumbs up!!"